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Unbeatable reliability in effectively storing products in que to ship to Amazon. First class customer service and sophisticated inventory management make our team and services the right fit for you.

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Storage & Carton Fullfillment Details

Whether you are trying to manage your storage fees with Amazon due to increased rates during Q4, you have a large amount of inventory and do not know how long it will take to move it on Amazon or you would like total control of when your stock goes to Amazon or other 3rd party sellers AMZHelp is the right choice for you.  Storage and shipping cartons is also a good way to hedge against the issues that may arise due to Chinese New Year, Holiday Seasons, or other reasons manufacturing, shipping, or Amazon services are unpredictable.  

Below you will find our rates for accepting in Cartons to later be shipped out to Amazon.  We charge the same fee for when product leaves our warehouse.  You would simply provide us the shipping labels from you seller central account, and we would ship them out to Amazon within 48 business hours.  If you would rather us manage and create the shipping plan, print the labels and send to Amazon go to “Manage Amazon Inventory Services Tab”

Goods In and Out

  • Receiving stock per pallet received: $30.00

  • Receiving Cartons -  $3.00 ​​/per Carton

  • Sending Cartons - See Pick and Ship Rates

  • Sending in Pallets - $50 per pallet you provide the prepaid LTL shipping labels and BOL


  • Inventory storage per pallet per month: $30.00

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