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Storage and Carton Fulfillment Services

Storage and Carton Fulfillment Services by AMZHelp

In cases where:

*You have large inventory amounts at Amazon and are not aware how long it will take to move it.

*Are looking to manage your storage fees at Amazon.

*Would like to have total control over stock that goes to Amazon and 3rd party sellers.

AMZHelp is there for you, to take charge and help you through the Fulfill by Merchant Services (FMS). With FMS, the seller is in charge of handling storage and carton fulfillment services, as well as the shipping of the products. The seller can choose to delegate that service to AMZHelf instead of having Amazon handle it.

We offer storage and carton fulfillment services to help shield your business from any issues that may arise due to the seasons and holidays that may affect Amazon services, manufacturing, and shipping like the Chinese New Year and Holiday Seasons. Our rates for accepting in and shipping products to Amazon in cartons are:

*Goods in and out:


  • Receiving stock per carton: $3.00

  • Outgoing stock per carton:  See Pick and Ship Rates (provision of the prepaid shipping label on you)

  • Receiving stock per pallet: $30



  • Inventory storage per pallet position: $30 - Billed twice a month on the 15th and 30th of the month based on how many pallet spaces your product is occupying.

Amazon expects the seller to timely and effectively carry out the Fulfill by Merchant Services (FBM). For us to assist you with Amazon's inventory management, we would require you to give us limited access to your Amazon Account. That way, we are able to monitor your inventory there and ship products as per your written instructions or Amazon recommendations. Fulfilled by Merchant has several benefits, in comparison to being managed by Amazon. These are:


  • You are able to maintain inventory per your protocols.

  • You have an opportunity to build your independent brand.

  • You have full control over the business.

  • With access to cost-effective shipping, you will have higher margins.

  • You are safe from losses that may occur as a result of sudden, unexpected changes to amazon's cost policies.

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