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Pricing and Carton Fulfilment: News

Pick and Ship Services

You have probably considered selling on Amazon and fulfilling the orders yourself.  This can be highly profitable allowing you to have complete control of your listings at Amazon.  When you run out of stock with FBA, just switch your listing to Fulfilled by Merchant and we can start shipping orders to customers the next business  ​day so your BSR doesn't get affected by being out of stock.  This service would also allow you to sell on other platforms, say, Walmart, EBAY, Etsy, or others.

The fees below also apply to shipping cartons to Amazon or any other location you instruct.

Below you will find our rates for fulfilling direct to customer orders. 

Receiving Cartons into our Warehouse:

  • Receiving stock per pallet received: $30.00

  • Receiving Cartons -  $3.00 ​​/per Carton

Sending orders out to Customers:

LBS         Price Per Shipment Plus Cost of Shipping

<1           $ 2.75

1-5.        $ 3.50

6-10.     $ 4.50

11-25.  $ 5.50

26-50.  $ 8.00



  • Inventory storage per pallet per month: $30.00, billed twice a month on the 15th and 30th of each month.

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