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Pick/Pack and Ship Services

Pick/Pack and Ship Services by Amazon

Amazon has one of the world's most advanced fulfillment networks compared to other eCommerce platforms. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) allows Amazon sellers to deliver their products to their warehouses, from where they offer pick/pack and ship services of the products on behalf of their customers. FBA helps Amazon sellers scale their businesses and reach more customers.

How does Amazon FBA work?


  • Amazon sellers send their products to one of Amazon’s warehouses.

  • Upon receipt of products by Amazon, they sort and safely store the products. Amazon is responsible for any damages to the product while in the warehouse.

  • Once a customer places a buy order on a product, Amazon handles the transaction, accepting payment, and automatically updating the inventory.

  • Then Amazon proceeds with the pick/pack and ship services to the customer.

  • Upon product delivery to customers, Amazon follows up with them for feedback on the product and also handles any questions and returns by the customers. It is up to the seller to respond or take action based on customer feedback.

  • The seller gets paid after two weeks through their bank account after Amazon totals up all the sales by the seller and deducts its fees.

Responsibilities of Amazon sellers using FBA

  • Choosing the product to sell. Selecting a fast selling one saves sellers on storage fees.

  • Checking inventory levels of their Amazon stock regularly.

  • If the seller has customized products that are not highly-ranked, they will need to market and advertise their products.

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