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Shipping Services

Shipping Services by Amazon

Amazon offers 3rd party shipping services called Amazon Shipping in the US. They pick up and deliver up to 50% of shipments for companies that sell on their Amazon site but do not keep their products in their Amazon warehouses. However, they recently paused this shipping service from June 2020 due to a business surge in its customers’ orders.

Amazon has contracts with major shipping carriers who give them discounts on shipping costs, which are, in turn, transferred to the sellers as reduced shipping prices. This guarantees the seller a competitive shipping experience, and 100% Amazon shipping support via a 24-hour customer service.

Shipping services for Amazon services are still happening in this lockdown period, but the times may be a little longer than usual. International shipping has reduced temporarily, and priority has shifted mostly to the stocking and delivery of high priority items. Amazon shipping support offers detailed tracking information, and orders with multiple items may have separate tracking information for each.

Where sellers let Amazon pick, pack, and ship their orders, they enjoy Amazon's trusted customer service where inquiries, customer returns, and refunds are managed by them. For a seller to enjoy the free shipping services, storage, removals, and returns from Amazon, these are the steps they should take:


  • Create an Amazon selling account, log into Seller Central, and set up FBA.

  • Create your product listing by adding products to the Amazon catalog, specifying FBA inventory.

  • Prepare your products for transportation to a fulfillment center while observing Amazon's packing guidelines, and the shipping and routing requirements.

  • Create a shipping plan and Amazon shipment ID labels, then send your inventory to an Amazon fulfillment center.

Once Amazon receives your products, they become available for customers. Amazon handles the buy transactions, and proceeds to ship them to complete the sale on behalf of the seller.

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