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Should You Outsource Labelling & Bundling Services to an Ecommerce Prep Center?

Amazon requires that your product be appropriately labeled and packaged, and without errors, else they can suspend your listing. Amazon allows sellers to bundle different products together and, in turn, create a new bundled product that creates value and convenience for the buyers. AmazonSellersHelp can assist with labeling and bundling services. However, sellers should adhere to policies pertaining to the labeling & bundling services for ease of product location, while avoiding duplicate listings and near-duplicate ones.

Listed bundles should be accepted in entirety as a single unit in case of a return and refund issue, and such cannot contain separate warranties. Their listing label should have a maximum of 200 characters, with the title having the word “Bundle” and the number of items in the bundle. Where the packages contain a large number of items, the title should have a list of both the primary and secondary items, the total number of items, and component information listed in bullet points. The labeling & Bundling services are best carried out in an ecommerce prep center.

When working under Fulfillment by Amazon, the seller is expected to send their labeled products to Amazon, where they are stored in their warehouse. Upon being ordered by a customer, Amazon picks, packs, ships, and tracks shipping of the order for you. However, sourcing and shipping your FBA inventory from your house as you wait to send it to Amazon's warehouse can be overwhelming. This is where outsourcing comes in to help you.

You can outsource the labeling &bundling service to the AMZHelp ecommerce prep center, who will prep, pack, list, and ship the inventory to Amazon for you on a regular basis. The center is also used to drop off and receive retail arbitrage and wholesale deliveries across the US. The seller provides the label sizes to be printed and attached, and we supply the completed label at a fee of 0.2 cents per placement/item.

Outsourcing ecommerce prep center has these benefits:


  • The seller is left with more time and freedom for other tasks.

  • It is less stressful for selling, having to handle all the inventory coming in and going out of the house or warehouse, and prepping for shipping of supplies.

  • If the prep center is located in a state where sales tax isn’t charged, it saves you on sales tax when shipping is done from there.

  • Prep centers have a faster turnaround, which is crucial for a time-sensitive inventory.

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