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Amazon Storage

AMZHELP: For Amazon Storage, Logistical, and Information Needs

AMZHelp offers full-stack support to Amazon sellers as a third party logistics and servicing company. Whether they need some very specific kind of help or just general help as a seller, be it on a product idea, listing, Amazon storage, or anything related to logistics in the US, we are here to help you. AMZHelp provides Amazon storage space to sellers to help with logistical assistance in the quest to help them meet all Amazon needs.

The founders of AMZHelp birthed the idea from selling their products on Amazon (Private Label). They realized there was a need to help Amazon sellers bring their Amazon products to the US, in quantities larger than what the Amazon storage would be willing to accept due to their new product or sales history restrictions. AmazonSellersHelp would then be born to offer efficient full-stack services, and with its friendly and experienced professionals, go above and beyond to nurture lasting relationships with clients.

If you are launching new products and have no insight into your sales velocity, AMZ will partner with you on your success journey by helping with the storage and management of inventory until you do. Our storage effectiveness and reliability is unbeatable, topped with first-class customer service. It is advisable that you do not store most of your inventory in the Amazon storage space since they have storage limits, and their long-term storage fees increase each year.

Managing your Amazon inventory from the AMZ warehouse using the Amazon Sellers account saves you on storage fees, and minimizes the chances of being penalized due to slow-moving inventory in Amazon storage. We also store extra inventory for your fast-moving items, so you stay in stock.

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